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Lakis Vingas

Council Member, General Directorate of Foundations
Representative of the Non Muslim Foundations

istanbul, TURKEY

Mr. Lakis Vingas, a native of Istanbul, graduated from the Greek Minority High School of Zographion and received his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Yildiz University in Istanbul. Involved in business and trade, he established his own companies in Istanbul, where he lives with his wife and three children.

He has actively been involved in civil society and social networks, including helping to start the Young Lions-Leo Club in Turkey. In 1986, he initiated the establishment of a Cultural Association of the Greek Minority called Ferikoy Friends of Art and Culture Association. He remained president of the association until 1999. During his tenure, more than 200 cultural or education events took place.

In 2000, he became president of the Zographion High School Alumni Association and served five terms as president. It was this association under the coordination of Mr. Vingas that took the initiative to organize in 2006 the first Conference of the Greek Minority of Istanbul. Mr. Vingas continues his action as a member of the advising committee of the Istanbul 2010 Cultural Capital of Europe Agency.

In 2008, he was elected as a representative of the Non-Muslim Minorities in Turkey in the General Assembly of the General Directorate for Foundation, the regulatory and administrative institution responsible for overseeing the foundations in Turkey. For the past two years, he has been the advocate of all non-Muslim foundations in Ankara, assuring the democratic representation of minority foundations.

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