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CANCELLED: Lecture to focus on discrimination against Egyptian Coptic Christians, May 17

New York, NY

This event has been cancelled.

As Egypt has gone through its wave of uprisings, instability, and reaction, the country's Christian minority has been uniquely vulnerable, caught among the traditional autocracy and de facto discrimination of the Egyptian state, the illiberal majoritarianism of the country's Islamist movements, and the sectarian violence of Islamist militants.

Prior to Egypt's 2011 uprising, Copts suffered from systemic discrimination and tolerated and broad-based forms of discrimination. The electoral success of the Muslim Brotherhood emboldened a wide array of Islamist actors, creating genuine fears about the future and effectuating detrimental policy changes in the present. While those traditional challenges continued, periods of instability have also exposed Christians to intensified and more frequent forms of targeted sectarian violence and terrorism. In addition to the fears these events have generated, these vulnerabilities have also generated defensive and often reactionary political responses in keeping with the broader social disenchantment with the Muslim Brotherhood.

In looking to the Egyptian state under President Adeb el-Fattah Sisi, Egypt's Christians have been unfairly stigmatized by the Sisi's regime's heavy-handed repression and reliant on a state that has more often exhibited indifference and hostility to their plight.

We hope you can attend this very important event hosted by the Archons of Districts 1, 2 and 3.

The event is free of charge and promises to be an exceptional evening.

Please make every effort to attend. RSVP to Christa Pourou cpourou@goarch.org 212-774-0418


Thursday, May 17
6:00 PM Cocktail Reception
7:00 PM Lecture

Presented by:
Michael Wahid Hanna
Fellow at The Century Foundation and Coptic Christian

Fordham University's Law School in Lincoln Center
150 W 62nd Street
New York, NY 10023

Cocktail Reception (6pm):
Lowenstein Cafeteria Atrium (in the Lowenstein building at 113 West 60th Street, which may be accessed through the Law School courtyard)

Lecture (7pm):
Law School 3-01

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