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a short history of the ecumenical patriarchate of constantinople

First among equals in the eastern orthodox church

Dino Geanakoplos
Professor of Byzantine History and Orthodox Church History,
Yale University


The Five Great Christian Sees: The PENTARCHY

The Five-Phase History of the Patriarchate

First Phase: The Formative Period

Second Phase: Photios, the Greatest Patriarch


Third Phase: The Last Byzantine Centuries

Fourth Phase: "The Tourkokratia"

Fifth Phase: The Modern Period

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Additional Books

additional books which relate, at the least part, to the history of the ecumenical patriarchate

Constantinople and the West/ Essays on the Late Byzantine (Palaeologan) Renaissance and the Byzantine and Roman Churches (University of Wisconsin, 1989), paperback.

Byzantium/ Church, Society, and Civilization Seen from Con temporary Eyes (University of Chicago, 1986), paperback. Translation and commentary of original sources.

Byzantine East and Latin West (Oxford, 1966). Republished by Shoestring Press, Hamden, CT.

Interaction of the Sibling Byzantine and Western Cultures in the Middle Ages and Italian Renaissance (Yale, 1976).

Emperor Michael Palaeologos and the West (Harvard, 1959).

Greek Scholars in Venice (Harvard, 1962).

All titles above, except the first, have also been published in Greek in Athens.

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