Patriarchal News 01/19/22

His All-Holiness Expresses Gratitude to the Archons for Facilitating His US Visit

Patriarchal News 12/24/21

Announcement on the Health Status of the Ecumenical Patriarch

Patriarchal News 12/22/21

Patriarchal Encyclical for Christmas

Patriarchal News 09/07/21

Historic Joint Statement by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, Pope Francis, and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby on Climate Change

Patriarchal News 09/02/21

The Feast of Indiction at the Ecumenical Patriarchate

Patriarchal News 08/11/21

How Russia Uses the Moscow Patriarchate As A Weapon to Achieve Its Geopolitical Goals, an Analysis from the Jamestown Foundation, Washington, D.C.

Patriarchal News 07/29/21

State Department Press Statement on 50th Anniversary of Halki Seminary Closure

Patriarchal News 07/28/21

Ecumenical Patriarch: ‘The Orthodox Christians of the City [Istanbul], whoever we are, whatever we are, we are a family’

Patriarchal News 07/01/21

Ecumenical Patriarch: The greatest power of the Church is our Lord Jesus Christ and Him crucified

Patriarchal News 06/26/21

Has the Moscow Patriarchate Become An Arm of the Russian Foreign Ministry?

Patriarchal News 06/23/21

Ecumenical Patriarch: The Phanar, no matter how little oil it has left, will not stop sending forth light and proclaiming the Truth in every direction

Archon News, Patriarchal News, 06/16/21

Watch Now! Fall of Constantinople Town Hall Webinar

Patriarchal News 06/14/21

Ecumenical Patriarch: “The responsibilities of our Throne are not negotiable. They cannot be surrendered. And they cannot be disposed.”

Patriarchal News 06/12/21

Homily of Archbishop Elpidophoros for the Feastday of the Apostle Bartholomew, in honor of the Ecumenical Patriarch

Patriarchal News 06/02/21

Secretary Pompeo to Deliver Keynote Address at Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Foundation Founding Members Banquet

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