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Archon News 08/29/20

His All-Holiness offers uplifting message regarding Hagia Sophia

Archon News 08/22/20

Hagia Sophia: A Bridge Unlike Any Other

Archon News 08/04/20

The West Yawns at the Symbolism of Hagia Sophia’s Reversion to a Mosque

Archon News 07/24/20

Archbishop Elpidophoros meets with President Trump & Vice President Pence on Hagia Sophia, Ecumenical Patriarchate & Religious Freedom in Turkey

Archon News 07/23/20

Archons: Please Join In Day of Mourning for Hagia Sophia, Sign Petitions to Reverse Its Conversion to a Mosque

Archon News 07/19/20

Common Statement with Cardinal Dolan Regarding Hagia Sophia

Archon News 07/14/20

Turkey’s test of civilization

Archon News 07/13/20

Turkey Orders Historic 1,500-Year-Old Christian Church – Hagia Sophia – be Reconverted from a Museum into a Functioning Islamic Mosque

Archon News 07/13/20

Archon National Commander Limberakis discusses Hagia Sophia on Jay Sekulow Live

Archon News 07/13/20

Archbishop Elpidophoros Delivers Message of Hope Following Conversion of Hagia Sophia

Archon News 07/10/20

Order of Saint Andrew Laments Decision to Transform Hagia Sophia into a Mosque

Patriarchal News 07/08/20

Turkey: Rising religious intolerance

Patriarchal News 07/08/20

Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem issues statement on Hagia Sophia

Patriarchal News 07/02/20

Pompeo: Hagia Sophia Should Remain a Museum

Patriarchal News 07/02/20

Ecumenical Patriarch issues warning over Hagia Sophia

Archon News Patriarchal News 06/26/20

Washington Post Spotlights Plight of Hagia Sophia

Archon News Patriarchal News 06/25/20

US Ambassador for International Religious Freedom Tweets That Hagia Sophia Should Remain A Museum

Archon News Patriarchal News 06/19/20

Order of Saint Andrew Appeals to President Trump to Stop Turkey From Converting Hagia Sophia to Mosque